Who's ready to start a theatre class??

Mariposa believes that the adults deserve a night out once in a while too!! So we have a Cabaret Series just for the adults.  Our next Cabaret is just for the girls! Kristin Pacelli, Sandi Oshaben, and our own Caren Hearne will bring the house down with fantastic songs, silly stories, and of course beverages! April 20 and 21!

As the Year, and we are talking Fiscal year for some people, is winding down, we can't thank those of you who have donated to help us GET THE PARTY STARTED!! We've been able to move into our space and begin performances and classes are coming.  But the work never ends, and our fundraising campaign still has a way to go.

How can you get involved?  I am so glad you asked.  Follow the link below and it will take you to the main fundraising page.  You can add yourself to an existing team, start your own team, or just decide to be an individual fundraiser. You can also just decide to be one of our supporters and make a donation.  That would be awesome too.

But honestly, what's in it for you? Wellour fundraisers will be the recipients of SWAG when they hit certain dollar amounts.  And at the end of the campaign, our top two fundraisers will receive naming rights to the 2 individual studios in the space! WHAT?!?!?!  Naming rights??  But aren't things like that usually saved for big donors?  Yes, but what are our top fundraisers if not the best donors we could ever ask for.

So don't wait, get on the Party Train! We need you.


The Importance of Children's Theatre


The 2018 Season will begin before you know it.  Don't miss a second of all the fun we have in store for you!

Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, adapted for the stage by Greg Banks opens on February 17.

Wanda's Monster by Barbara Zinn Kreiger and Laurie Berkner opens May 5.

The Princess and the Pea; opens June 30.

The Ugly Duckling the musical by Willard Simms and Jan Powell opens on September 15

Let's Get the Party Started!!!

January 2018

Winter session classes begin.

CAMP!! For Spring BreakAND Summer

December 29, 2017

Post-Gazette article

2018 Season Begins with Rudyard Kipling's

Jungle Book

Cabaret Series- The DIVAS are coming!


We have several options for ages 8-17.

April 20 and 21

A Diva is Always the Life of the Party

Want to boost literacy? Teach your child to imagine the unimaginable?
Cultivate curiosity? Get thee to the theater, and bring your kids.

Many schools that used to round out reading, writing, and arithmetic with a yearly jaunt to see Shakespeare in action, or Jack ascending the beanstalk, have now scrapped these field trips in favor of spending more time preparing for standardized tests and drilling “fundamentals”. The question is, how can you, as a parent, pick up the slack?

Students who make time for the arts are also more involved in community service, and less likely to drop out of school. And we’re not just talking about upper middle class kids. These facts remain, regardless of a child’s socio-economic background.

If you inspire a love of theater early on, there's a better chance that your child will develop creative gifts, and maintain a lifelong appreciation for the performing arts. Kids brains are being hardwired and parents can help spark those neural pathways of creativity.

So come see a show!  You never know what you might learn!