Charitable contributions are crucial to our mission of producing engaging and entertaining theatre while serving Pittsburgh with education and community programs.

36 percent of Mariposa’s annual operating budget comes from donor contributions. These gifts make it possible for us to provide our audiences with the definitive theater experience and give our artists the resources they need to create the best possible work with the highest standards of excellence.

Please consider designating your tax-deductible gift to one of the following.

  • General Support

             Meets the greatest needs of the organization.

  • Education and Community Programs

             Provides arts education to thousands of Pittsburgh students, teachers and life-long learners each year.

  •  The Fund for Excellence

             Provides permanent resources to ensure that Mariposa thrives for years to come.

  •  The Hayen Theatre

             Supports the creation and maintenance of a quality theatre space.



Mariposa means butterfly. In chaos theory there is a principle called the Butterfly Effect. Simply put it is the phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere. This is what I hope for our audiences, that we are the change in the system of their lives that will have a larger and more lasting effect upon them as they go forward. If we can inspire a love of theater early on, there's a better chance that children will develop creative gifts, and maintain a lifelong appreciation for the performing arts.

Your contributions begin the change! We cannot succeed without you.