2017/2018 TYA Season

Schoolhouse Rock Live! April 22, 2017- May 29, 2017

Cinderella! Cinderella!; July 8, 2017 – August 12, 2017

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie; October 7, 2017-November 11, 2017


home December 2, 2017 - December 30, 2017

All titles and dates are subject to change.



When asked how to create plays for children, Constantin Stanislavski, the great master of Russian drama reportedly replied: “The same as for adults, only better.” Why does children’s theater need to better?  For one thing, children make up the most demanding audience, requiring perfect honesty.  If they don’t like what they are seeing, there won’t be any polite applause.  Instead, there will be a lot of extra wiggling, loud whispering, and multiple trips to the bathroom. 

Keep an eye on this space for the big announcement of our next season!!

Our first season was filled with song, dance, imagination, magic, mice, cookies, princes and fairy godmothers.  What will be in store next season?  Where will we go? Check back here on November 27 to find out!


The Ties That Bind
No, not the Bruce Springsteen song. This is a collection of songs that show how we keep relationships functional, or dysfunctional, as the case may be. As the Thanksgiving holiday looms, our quartet of singers featuring Caren Hearne, Sandi Oshaben, Cody Sweet and Christopher Morriss, celebrate the relationships we have and those we have yet to form. Beverages and light snacks will be available for purchase.

That Holiday Feeling!!
Enjoy the sounds of the season as our wonderful sextet celebrates all that the holidays mean to us. Hear some of your favorite carols along with some unexpected selections that celebrate the joy of the holiday season. Starring Kaylee Hansberry, Sarah Hueler, Mary Sheridan, Ryan Garbee, Will Scantling and Tyler Brignone.Beverages and light snacks will be available for purchase. Who knows, maybe even Santa will take a break from the workshop to listen for a while!

That idyllic other world of make believe is explored with evident relish in this two hander for children aged 3 to 6. It's an intimate show, and as resourceful and imaginative as small children themselves can be when they're off in a world of their own....the adventure begins looking for Florrie and Todd's ideal home. Lizzie Allen's play for the under-sixes is rather like Beckett for beginners, a wonderfully concrete and yet infinitely playful meditation on the meaning of home. When bag lady Florrie enquires, ‘Where are we?’ and Todd replies, ‘We are here’, it is a triumphant reminder of their survival against the odds....

Tickets are $12 for Adults and $8 for Children under 12.

Performances will take place at
Mariposa Studios
527 Lincoln Ave, Bellevue PA 15202

Seating is limited to 55. Purchase your tickets early.