Mission Mariposa Theatrefor Young Audiences

To create exceptional professional theatre for all ages in order to challenge, explore, educate and entertain.

Mariposa’s leading precepts are:
Theatre is and should remain accessible to all.
Theatre is essential at all levels of human development.
Theatre develops critical and creative thinkers.
That art for arts sake is a valid aesthetic concept.

Mariposa sees the arts as an integral part of the lives of all young people regardless of any barriers. It is a place that inspires them to embrace the diversity of their experiences through a creative outlook. We will utilize the power of theatre to stimulate discussion, touch lives and question accepted notions while nurturing, developing and promoting the artistic potential of our youth.

Mariposa Theatre

Mailing Address:

171 N Balph Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15202

Phone: 412-419-1835

Mariposa Theatre for Young Audiences


Founded: 2016

Executive Artistic Director:Caren Hearne

Caren comes to Pittsburgh after spending years touring the United States and Europe, and performing in Washington DC and NYC. She also taught theatre in Fairfax and Prince William County public schools in Northern Virginia as well as being on the founding team for the Workhouse Arts Center and their youth arts education programs and Theatre for Young Audiences Company.  After years of the break neck pace in the DC Metro area, Caren and her husband decided to relocate to Pittsburgh and open a professional theatre for young audiences.  Caren is a proud member of the Actors Equity Association and The Stage Directors and Choreographers Association.


President: G. Bud Hearne

Vice President: Brett Bernardini

Secretary: Anya Pikul


Scott Logsdon

Monica Jilling

Lee Voegler


Mariposa is currently seeking Members to fill out our Board.  If you are interested in serving and supporting our organization, please contact our President at 412-419-1835.

Mission and Vision



We have a change in our ticketing policy.  In order to alleviate the potential for cancelling a show at the last minute, tickets purchased in advance will be at a 20%-35% discount from tickets purchased at the door. Although we prefer to offer our patrons the flexibility of making last minute plans, we find ourselves in the position too frequently of having to disappoint those very same patrons with a cancelled performance.  Thank you for your understanding.

Theatre for Young Audiences tickets at the door will now be $15/Adults and $10/children under 12.
Cabaret Series tickets at the door will now be $30.

Board of Directors

The Importance of  Theatre for Young Audiences

Want to boost literacy? Teach your child to imagine the unimaginable?
Cultivate curiosity? Get thee to the theater, and bring your kids.

Many schools that used to round out reading, writing, and arithmetic with a yearly jaunt to see Shakespeare in action, or Jack ascending the beanstalk, have now scrapped these field trips in favor of spending more time preparing for standardized tests and drilling “fundamentals”. The question is, how can you, as a parent, pick up the slack?

Students who make time for the arts are also more involved in community service, and less likely to drop out of school. And we’re not just talking about upper middle class kids. These facts remain, regardless of a child’s socio-economic background.

If you inspire a love of theater early on, there's a better chance that your child will develop creative gifts, and maintain a lifelong appreciation for the performing arts. Kids brains are being hardwired and parents can help spark those neural pathways of creativity.
So come see a show!  You never know what you might learn!