Hello Mariposa Family,

This past week, in our nation and in our city of Pittsburgh, has been one of raw emotion. People have gathered to protest the killing of George Floyd, but also the systemic racial injustices endured by black people. Mariposa stands in solidarity with those who are doing the hard work of fighting racism.

As a theatre for young audiences it is in our mission to entertain engage, and educate, as well as challenge accepted norms. We are not naive to think that our small theatre will bring about drastic change through our programming. However, we do understand the power of theatre - especially for young people. Good theatre and good stories stay with us and encourage us to talk about them. And our young audiences are full of the question "why?", and engage those around them to answer. "WHY?" is the easy question.  The answer will take more out of us. Our young audiences already know  why the witches are bad, and why friends are good and supportive. They can tell you who the bullies are and they need your help fighting them.  Will our small theatre change the world view? No, not right away. But with your help, our children will. Join us. Small thoughtful ripples are what we create and hopefully contribute to the larger discussion through our programs for youth and families.

To our friends, actors, staff, and community who face intolerable racial injustices every day: we see you, we hear you , and we stand with you. Thank you for helping us to do better. Black Lives Matter. And we stand with them to fight racial injustice.

Stay Safe. This fight has been too long, but you are not alone.

Caren Hearne
Executive Artistic Director

January 15, 2020

Hello Everyone,

As we venture into a new decade, Mariposa is also going to be going through some major changes.  We are leaving our physical space on 527 Lincoln Ave in Bellevue on January 31.  Our lease is up and although we have loved being part of the Bellevue Community, it has become clear that some restructuring and refocus need to take place.  That and the fact that our landlords are wankers and have let the building fall into major disrepair.

So what does that mean for you, our theatre family?  It means that we are looking for several spaces to continue doing classes.  We are taking our shows to schools instead of offering field trips.  And we are looking for the perfect place to hold public performances for our Young Audiences productions and our Cabaret Series.

A new year brings challenges and promise.  Both of which we will embrace.   Our commitment to quality productions for youth and family will not waver.  Nor will our goal of making the arts available and accessible to all change.  The delivery address will change, that's all.

We cannot thank you enough for being there for the ride and continuing to support us!

Caren Hearne

Executive Artistic Director

April 6, 2020

Hello Mariposa Family!

Well now, 2020 really has NOT turned out the way we, or anyone, expected.  We had hoped to be bringing you shows and classes at this point and we will......just not the way anyone really planned.  Our classes will be transferring to a digital format, and we are working on how to have a cabaret through a digital environment.  Our shows will have to wait until the fall.

We are planning a summer camp, but it will have to be a fluid date as it stands right now.  There is too much flux in everyone's timeline.

I hope that everyone has been practicing their best physical distancing and staying safe.  Covid-19 is not something we should treat lightly. Obviously this has not been easy for any of us, but I especially feel for Mariposa's actors and technicians.  For many of our actors, theatre is one of the sources of their income, for some it is their MAJOR source of income.  I am doing my best to apply for grants to assist our actors and technicians.  If you can help, that is a wonderful gift.

Hopefully you are all staying safe, staying home, and staying sane.

Caren Hearne

Executive Artistic Director

May 18, 2020

Hello Theatre Family,

So it seems like slowly things are moving in a positive direction.  Allegheny County has moved to "Yellow" and some businesses are beginning to reopen with all the safety precautions we need.  Unfortunately, theatre is not a business that will reopen for a while.  And that is a hard fact for us to handle.

We have been doing Digital Content almost every day to keep you and our youngest audiences entertained and sparking imaginations.  Monday through Friday we do a Storytime at 10 am for our youngest audiences, and again at 2 pm for those youngsters who want a little chapter book to follow along.  Every Saturday at 11am is Sing a Long with Kristin and Julie.  All of these are LIVE on FaceBook at our Mariposa Theatre for Young Audiences Page.

We have applied for a few grants and assistance from the federal government, but the money is slow in arriving.  If it will even be approved.  Our actors, technicians, and designers have been in a terrible position as well.  When money doesn't come in, we cannot pay our staff.  On May 5, we decided to Give Back on Giving Tuesday by running Live programming all day.  We could use your help now to help our actors.  Please give whatever you can at the link to the right.  

Summer Camp is still being planned as a completely digital experience.  We have a tentative timeline of late July.  More details will be forthcoming.

As always, please stay safe, wear your mask, and take care of each other.

Caren Hearne

Executive Artistic Director